About Harrogate Jujitsu

Harrogate Jujitsu Club’s traditional name is Goshin Ryu Ju Jitsu Kai, and was founded by Hanshi Steve Barnett in 1986. The club remained under his control until he decided to retire in 2006 handing the Club over to his personal student Shihan Leon Donnelly.

Leon has since taken the club in a new direction offering not only Traditional Jujitsu training but mixing into his syllabus elements from his own training regime to give his students a more varied and satisfying martial arts system!

At Harrogate Jujitsu we offer training in traditional and modern Goshin jujitsu with influence from Thai Boxing, Ground fighting, Kickboxing, Western Boxing and other martial arts to form a very satisfying and effective training system!

All in a friendly, safe no pressure environment!

Junior students from 5 years to 14 will gain confidence, self awareness, discipline,dexterity and seriously good ANTI BULLYING skills which are needed in the schoolyard playground arena!

Adult students from 14 years to no limit will gain the same confidence, self awareness and dexterity along side fitness, serious self defense skills including reading and neutralising threatening situations peacefully.
And of course the knowledge of a very old, highly effective and technical martial art!

Martial arts training has also been proven to help overcome certain physical and mental┬ádisability’s.

Our Adult students range from Dentist to Construction worker, so whatever your walk of life you will feel welcome and comfortable at Harrogate Jujitsu Club!

FULLY INSURED AND ENHANCED CRB REGISTERED!! So you know both juniors and adults are in safe hands!

We hope to see you on the mat!!

Proud supporters of the Aidan Jude Wray trust with the fight against teenage cancer!


Tel Leon: 0781 4009638

Leon Donnelly 7th Dan Master


We are associated with Go Shin Ryu International

We are also associated with the World Alliance of Martial Arts