What should I wear.?

Club members typically wear a Jujitsu Gi, these are available from Leon should you need one.

However beginners are welcome to wear any loose fitting clothing such as old tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt.

A GI will be required soon though as normal clothes are not strong enough to cope with the rigours of Jujitsu throws and take downs for this reason please do not wear you ‘best’ training outfit.


Please remove ALL jewellery when attending a class.

Can beginners with little or no experience just drop in..?

Absolutely beginners are always welcome, please just drop in to a class, you will find us a friendly bunch. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email Sensei Leon.

I’m a little bit nervous, will I get hurt by someone experienced?

We have a very good safety record at Harrogate Jujitsu Club and have a strict “NO BULLYING” policy. Sensei Leon will not tolerate any such behavior. We pride ourselves on having a very safe and friendly controlled learning environment!


We expect all students to be sober and free from the influence of Drink or Drugs when attending class.

Do I need to be fit?

Fitness is gained through training and NO you do not need a good level of fitness to start your martial arts journey. Our classes are designed to help with fitness while learning the techniques, without feeling like you are at a fitness class. It is amazing how much fitness you can gain while having fun!

Can Women train too?

Yes Martial arts are as much for women as they are for men. Although the majority of our students are male we do have a good number of girls and women both in the junior and adult classes.

Am I too old?

The simple answer is NO you are never too old to learn! At Harrogate jujitsu we have new students over 50 and we find some of the parents that bring juniors to the club decide to start training having no prior experience in martial arts! Typical age 35+

You just train to suit your own age and ability with no pressure!

Do I have to sign up for membership before I step on the mat?

At Harrogate Jujitsu Club we give you two lessons to make up your mind before we ask you to join the club!

Can non members train on a casual basis?

Yes non members are quite welcome to train on a pay per session basis, at a slightly higher cost than members to cover insurance costs. But this is only accessible for short periods of time. If a student wants to train on a more permanent basis they will have to join the club.