Harrogate Jujitsu Club typically hold a grading session every 3 months. The grading is held at the Harrogate Dojo (道場) and assessed by Sensei Leon Donnelly.

With hard work and regular attendance progression through the belts can be rapid.

The gradings are every 3/4 months up to purple belt, then 6 months from purple to brown and 1 year from brown to black

The belt awards at a recent Junior grading are pictured below:

The Harrogate Jujitsu Club syllabus is split into ages 5 – 16 and and over 16.

The highest rank a student aged 16 or under can achieve is Junior Black belt.

When a Junior Black belt is aged over 16 they become eligible to grade in the senior Dan Grade syllabus.

Adults train to the Senior Jujitsu syllabus.