Master Leon Donnelly 7th Dan Shihan Goshin Jujitsu

Chief Instructor Leon Donnelly uses his many years experience to develop a very effective and satisfying training program, using techniques not only from traditional Jujitsu but a variety of other martial arts in which he has trained.

Leon started his martial arts journey at the age of 7 training first in Judo, then once he reached teenage years began training in Shotokan and Wada ryu Karate, which led to free style sport karate in which he competed in as a teenager.

He started his Goshin Jujitsu career whilst still training in sport karate and for a few years trained 5/6 days a week before finally dropping the karate training to give Jujitsu his full attention. He gained his black belt at the age of 18.

At the age of 26 Leon was introduced to Thai boxing and  has over 10 years experience to date, both in competition and teaching.

He has also trained in a variety of other martial arts including Ken Jutsu, Iaido (sword), Aikido and Kung fu.